Dr. Sylvia Ramirez

Dr. Sylvia RamirezDr. Sylvia is the medical and scientific director of Cutis Medical Laser Clinics, a clinic that is based on the fundamentals of scientifically proven “evidence-based” treatments and has over 20 years’ experience in medicine with the philosophy of providing safety, results, and value to every patient.

Dr. Sylvia was trained at the Harvard Medical System and is an American Board Certified physician. She was previously faculty at the National University of Singapore and has published hundreds of original research contributions, while working in the United States as Vice President of a Health Policy Research group. She was principal investigator for several health policy projects for the US government, and is a regular speaker for major international conferences on topics ranging from chronic disease, nephrology, health policy, public health and aesthetic dermatology. Dr. Ramirez was in charge of a large screening study of kidney disease in Singapore and was also the Principal Investigator (PI) of the Evaluation of ESRD Disease Management Demonstration (ESRD DM Demo) and the Quality Incentive Payment (QIP) Demonstration projects. Further, she was Co-Investigator of the ESRD Measures Support Work (ESRD Measures) and the Dialysis Outcomes and Practice Patterns Study (DOPPS). Dr. Ramirez was also the lead clinical investigator for a Centers for Medicare and Medicaide Services (CMS) project that aimed to develop a prospective payment bundle for Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC).

Dr. Sylvia also specialised in Physician Training and Certification in Age Management Medicine, jointly sponsored by Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation (CERF) and the Foundation for Care Management (FCM), USA and has been certified in Age Management Medicine by the Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation (AMMERF), USA.

Dr. Sylvia also currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer for the Asia-Pacific Region for one of the largest hemodialysis companies where she oversees clinical quality in dialysis facilities in India, Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Singapore.